Zip Line Tour - Half Day Zipline half day cusco located one hour from Cusco. 6 hours pure adrenaline tour reserve in 6 cores of 1 kilometer each. Rated 5 Stars - 5 1 Reviews - Review Me $ 00.00
  Group From 2 - 9 peoples Peoples
  6 Hours tour
  The Tour Starts in Cusco, Peru
  The Tour Starts at 07:00:00
  Places we will visit during the tour : Chinchero Racchi


It is located 35km from the city of Cusco, 45 minutes as estimated time of transportation to the place "In the town known as Racchi." In the middle of a natural landscape that allows to enjoy the plateau of Chinchero, Pj'acchayoc canyon, the sacred valley of the Incas, Chicon and Pitusiray snow-covered as well as the living culture of the Racchi community. Cusco Zip line has 4 different cables being the longest with length of 700 meters and the deepest with 200 meters The first cable is very soft so that the participant can enter in confidence and become familiar with the activity. The second cable is the fastest to imagine the maximum sensation of flying. The third cable is the longest where the participant has time to perform extreme movements or positions. The fourth cable is the deepest with the best views of the canyon, sacred valley and mountains.



Chinchero - Racchi - Cusco

Perfect tour for private groups consists of the pick up in the plaza regocijos, from where the transport service to the place known as Racchi begins. Where we will do the zip line. That is in the middle of a magnificent natural landscape, where we will begin to slide through the different cable we have and feel the maximum sensation of flying. On the way the participant can appreciate the Andean landscapes, the sacred valley of the Incas, mountains, living culture of the community of Racchi ayllu. At the end of the zip line, we return to the city of Cusco. Optional subject to the participant visit the textile centers in chinchero.

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  • Round trip transportation
  • Instructor for the zip line
  • 4 different cables

Not included

  • Foods
  • Expenses mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Video and photo service .

Languages ​​in which the tour is offered

  • It is an Activity that is done without a guide
  • The driver knows the area and speaks very basic English.

What to wear ?

Recommendations that you should take into account:

  • Snack
  • Bottled water
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothes for zip-line activity
  • Windbreaker .
  • Photographic camera.

Extra information

It is a tour of pure adrenaline.

6 Hours
40,00 US$ Per Person Available English and Spanish

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24/7 Customer Support
+51 927 269 368

Who can perform this activity?

This activity is exclusive for people who have a good and reasonable health. The approximate weight limit is 70 to 250 pounds.
Children under 12 years old can not do this activity In addition, the participants must never touch the cables or the pulley.

What if I never did this activity?

In itself the majority did not realize it. For that small problem we have specialized instructors that will make you feel confident.

This activity can be done while it is raining?

Yes it is done, but in case there is thunder it is suspended, also if the wind blows strong.