Machu picchu by car 2 days machu picchu by car , It is an alternative tour for all travelers who want to visit machu picchu and enjoy in just 2 days also for people with little time in peru Rated 4.8 Stars - 5 10 Reviews - Review Me $ 00.00
  Group From 2 - 12 people Peoples
  2 days tour
  The Tour Starts in Cusco, Peru
  The Tour Starts at 07:00:00
  Places we will visit during the tour : Santa teresa, Hidroelectrica,
Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu


The tour of machu picchu by car , It is an alternative tour for all travelers who want to visit machu picchuand enjoy in just 2 days also for people with little time in the country, the tour has everything included, enjoy the tour and have an unforgettable experience, visit Machu Picchu with us.



Cusco - Ollantaytambo - Abra Malaga - Santa Teresa - Hidroeléctrica - Aguas Calientes

Our agencies Machupicchu Hop Will come to pick them up at their respective hotels, between 7:20 - 7:40 am and then go to Ollantaytambo where our mobility will stop for approximately. 30 min, to be able to buy some food for the road.

After we will continue in our mobility for 4 hours more to Santa Teresa place where we will enjoy our delicious lunch for approximately. 40 min later we will continue with our tour Machu Picchu by car during 30 min nuntil you reach Hidroeléctrica.

Hydroelectric place where we started our trek for 3 hours until we reach the town of Machu Picchu (Aguas calientes),where our guide locates us in our respective hostels (with private bathroom, hot shower, wifi,).

Once installed in your respective hostels, we will have dinner and a Briffin with our guide for the next day. Machu Picchu.

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Machu Picchu - Hidroeléctrica - Cusco

In the morning we get up around 4:00 am, to head to the Inca citadel ofMachu Picchu, in this walk we will take approximately 1 and a half hours. (if you feel tired I could skip the walk and do it by bus, tickets can be purchased in Aguas Calientes town, or also buy in advance with us).

We enter the ciudadela inca de Machu Picchuand we will have a guided tour of the main places for approximately 2 hours. At the end of the tour you will have free time to visit Machu Picchu individually or to be able to climb the mountains(Machu Picchu Montaña o Wayna Picchu) if you have the reservation made.

After visiting at 11:00 am you will have to return walking individually to hydroelectric power station, place where our mobility will not be waiting until 3:00 pm then we will start our return trip until we reach San Francisco square in the city of Cusco, We will arrive to the city of Cusco at approximately 9:30 p.m.

There is the possibility to return by train from the town of Machu Picchu to Ollantaytambo, and return by bus to Cusco, Paying (USD 80.00) (no longer the 3-hour walk to hydroelectric and return by bus for 6 hours).

There is Possibility to spend one more night in the city of Machu Picchu, Paying (USD 20.00).

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  • Expert driver in the area
  • Pick up from Hotel
  • accommodation
  • Private transport (Cusco-Hidroelectrica)
  • Private transport (hidroeléctrica-Cusco)
  • x1 Breakfast x1 Lunch x1 Dinner
  • Admission ticket to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
  • Guided in the Sanctuary Machu Picchu

Not included

  • Personal expenses
  • The Breakfast of the first day
  • Lunch, last day dinner
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Bus of Rise ( USD 12,00 Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu Santuary) ( Available as extra )
  • Machu Picchu Mountain ( USD 20,00 ) ( Available as extra )
  • Huayna Picchu ( USD 20,00 ) ( Available as extra )

Languages ​​in which the tour is offered

  • Ingles
  • Español
  • The driver knows the area and speaks very basic English.

What to wear ?

When you prepare your luggage, remember that the rainy season in theMachu Picchu It is from December to March. Winter, between May and August, is especially cold, so we recommend you bring:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Bottled Waters
  • Extra money
  • Passport

Reservation Terms

  • To have a guaranteed place on the tour please book at least 3 days in advance due to high demand in the high season.
  • After booking, please reply to our email about tour details, food preferences and more.

Cancellation Terms

  • You will receive a 100% refund if you cancel the Machu Picchu tour up to 15 days before.
  • You will receive a 50% refund if you cancel the Machu Picchu tour up to 10 days before.
  • If you booked with one of the Machu Picchu mountains (You can not resivir a refund of the additional paid since the mountains of Machu Picchu are booked in advance and has no refund).

Extra information

Due to the rainy season (January to March) the tour's end time can be considerably delayed, so we recommend not taking any transport or flight to another place for the same day. The itinerary may vary in adverse weather conditions or due to force majeure to ensure the safety of travelers.

2 days
170,00 US$ Per Person Available English and Spanish

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24/7 Customer Support
+51 927 269 368

What is Machu Picchu??

Machu Picchu: most important construction made by the Incas. It is in the department of Cusco, 75 km northwest of the capital (Cusco City), at a height of 2,400 meters above sea level. It has been lost in the valleys of the jungle part of the Andean mountain range, until its official discovery in 1911.
It is a spectacular citadel built in stone, which is located on the top of a mountain and very close to the clouds. The most accepted theory at present affirms that it was the main luxury holiday retreat and a place of sacred cults for the Inca nobility.

What is the best time to visit Machu Picchu?

Dry season (April to October) In the city of Cusco (mandatory stop for almost all visitors), the weather is rather cool throughout the period and quite cold between June and the end of August. However, Machu Picchu belongs to a subtropical climate, the days are warm to hot, sometimes cold at night.
In the city of Cusco it does not rain during this time, while in Machu Picchu there can be light and light drizzles some days.
Rainy season (November to March) On the other hand, in the city of Cusco it rains a lot during these months, but in short periods and 2 or 3 times a week, the same can be observed in Machu Picchu.
It is convenient to wear a rain coat or rain poncho. Also, dress in layers, light clothes underneath and a little thicker on top, so it will be ready for any type of weather.

That I can not take to Machu Picchu?

Prohibited objects. Prohibited objects. It is very important to take this aspect into account as well, to prevent the entry of any of your belongings into the sanctuary and to rent a deposit or locker, whose cost is somewhat high.